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Won't You Make Believe With Me?


Firehouse Art Center

Longmont, CO


September 2018


Won’t You Make Believe With Me is the culmination of a three month residency by Kaitlyn Tucek in Longmont, Colorado.  Constructed with collected materials, Won’t You Make Believe With Me explores the concept of home through inhabited time and space.  It also aims to promote the idea of community while exploring our everyday.  


In order to capture and understand the essence of a small community, Tucek walked the streets of downtown Longmont soliciting ephemera from businesses, individuals and passers-by.  Each interaction and moment spent with another was marked by an item, whether paper or object.  


In an attempt to imbue the everyday with surprising significance, Tucek is combining these mundane objects, using them to construct an elaborate installation reminiscent of an intimate and immersive nest, inviting endless daydreaming.  Won’t You Make Believe With Me aspires to create a calm space in which to conceptualize and feel the warmth of the inhabited space while unoccupied.  The viewer is invited to touch and observe the impermanence in human life.  As viewers, we are encouraged to peer into our similarities and differences and turn inward, to feel the great rhythm of human life.

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